I have my degree in graphic designer,  fine arts and has combined years or Art- Therapy and mindfulness teaching experience, I'm a multi-disciplinary artist based in Luxembourg city.

I'm certified as Positive Psychology Coaching and Emotional Coaching and as a Transpersonal Mindfulness teacher for kids, teenagers and adults.

I make mixed media art with just about anything I can get my hands on. Inspired by nature, feelings, oceans, life. spirituality, tips and the materials themselves, my art is as varied and unpredictable as the changing sky - sometimes light, humorous and colorful, while at other times serious and a touch dark. I often color outside the lines and don't like to be limited in pallet, materials or genre. If I had to describe my work, I would say that it is a blend of minerals and nature. I think some of my best work happens when I'm trying to show dreams and memories also the beauty of the nature in all their forms and sizes. I like also come to memories, it makes us think about the meaning , and more we think about them, the more they start to mean something to us.

My artworks have been purchased by private collectors in Spain, France, Argentina, México, USA, Germany, Belgium, London and parts of Asia and I'd been doing exhibitions in South America and Europe.