What is creative mindfulness?

Is a way that will help you develop a habit of creative mindfulness and give you a toolkit for creative mindfulness.

All exercises are aimed to have fun, relax and reflect.

Extra benefits are increased, focus and new ideas.

The practices help enhance internal awareness, self-expression, and mind-body integration.

Many participants report feeling less anxious and a greater sense of ease. 

Enjoy self-expression through creative mindfulness: a unique, intuitive painting process that helps deepens your self-awareness and creativity. This class includes guided meditations, written reflection exercises. Art demonstrations will be given regarding how to tap into your intuition, ways to use the art materials, and time to create and reflect on your art work. Creative mindfulness focuses on the process of exploration and internal inquiry through art, not on the end visual result. Everyone is welcome - No experience necessary! 

You'll discover how to have a more a creative mindset. One that can boost your self-esteem, confidence and sense of life purpose. 


All exercises are aimed to have fun, relax and reflect. Extra benefits are increased focus and new ideas.

The exercises are inspired by what I learned from working and exploring in Argentina, Spain, Belgium and Japan.  Mindfulness arts are used in healthcare to treat stress, anxiety and depression. 

Category: Calm, flow and Core

Course Curriculum


COLOR - The personality of color.

SENSES - How to paint with all your senses.

RELAX - Paint to relax and have fun.

VISION - Creating a vision collage.

SYMBOL - Design your own personal symbol.

SKETCH -Tell a story in lines.


Every exercise takes 1:15 hours, you can develop and repeat as many times as you like.  

A suggestion would be to do 1 per week,

but it is all up to you when you have the time and the need.


A creative toolmaker is only an email away to give you feedback and answer any questions.

For those wanting to connect with their creative energies, we will use simple creative techniques combined with meditation to wake up the inner worlds of beauty and light. There will be space for ten participants using drawing, painting, clay, paper, fabric or writing to explore the universe of color, shape and the imagination. Some materials will be supplied; you are welcome to bring your own to share.

Is mindfulness religious?

No. Mindfulness is a practice  – the practice of paying attention in the present moment and doing it with non-judgment. Over the last 30 years this practice has been thoroughly researched and successfully implemented in hospitals, businesses, education and the military.


What do you need?

Just the willing to liberate heavy energies.

You will paint your story!

You can bring 

A sponge (kitchen one works)

Tissues or kitchen paper

Paper for acrylic or watercolor in the size you like, for this bigger, is better A3 works, or a canvas,.

A set of acrylic, ink or watercolor make sure you have blue, yellow, red, black.


Feedback from participants

"It gave me my passion back for creating." Karen Sefrie 

"Gracias Lorena por haberme transportado a ese mágico lugar." Carolina Lopez

“Finally I could draw a complete picture of myself. Thanks”  Enzo Russo

“Very comfortable space to learn and take risks.” Paul Roche

“Very enjoyable and educational.” Trinidad García