Give someone a gift that's so good it can't be wrapped -

an ST*ART class gift card.

They can use your gift however they want.

give gift card

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you redeem a gift?

A ST*ART Gift Card will be sent by email to you with all the details. If you lose those instructions, you can always head to contact me.

How is the gift delivered?

No need to worry about lost deliveries or rush shipping. ST*ART Gift Card are delivered digitally. You can re-send  the email when you'd like it to be received - so sit back and relax. If you want something to wrap, I'll send you an optional post card, free of charges or a personalized PDF digital card. You must to contact me              and let me know. 

When does my gift expire?

The gift card of ST*ART is good forever! Recipients can decide when it works best for them and book online their class.

How can I return a gift?

Sorry- ST*ART Gift Card gifts can't be returned.

What about if I miss the class?

Missed class be charged after they've booked online.