Shamballa or Multidimensional Healing

Shamballa or Multidimensional Healing is considered by some masters to be the first Reiki system.
For others, it is a completely different system, because, in addition to the Reiki energy, it uses the Mahatma energy and the energy of the White Brotherhood Egregore.
It was revealed by Master Saint Germain as the original form of Reiki, as it was used in Atlantis.
It consists of 352 symbols, which correspond to the 352 levels coming from the Divine Source on this Cosmic Day.

What is it for?

It is more than a healing modality, because with the grounding of higher energy levels there is a rapid expansion of consciousness, since it reintegrates the connection with the Higher and Divine Self, awakens to the purpose of life and raises the capacities of the heart through the activation of Christ consciousness.
Like Reiki, it relieves physical and emotional pain and provides a feeling of relaxation. Excellent technique complementary to medical and psychotherapeutic treatments.


It promotes the grounding of high levels of energy in the multiple dimensions of the being so that more vital energy is available to where the person needs it most.
Raises the heart's capacities allowing the person to express and receive greater love. Increases the capacity for manifestation in line with the awareness of purpose and uniqueness. The treatment benefits the performance of medical treatments, psychotherapy and other vibrational techniques, such as flower therapy, being indicated as complementary therapy.
It has a residual effect, so that the more sessions a person receives, the greater and deeper the benefits of Shamballa energy.



Shamballa acts faster than Reiki. Thus, if a complete Reiki session lasts an average of 40 minutes to 1 hour, a complete session of Shamballa lasts an average of 30-40 minutes, plus 10 minutes of rest at the end of the session.
It is suggested that the person do a minimum of 3 sessions, once a week.



Is it possible to perform a remote treatment?It is fully possible to perform the treatment remotely, because the energy is intelligent and will be directed to where it is most needed. In order for the person to enjoy their session more deeply, a service protocol is transmitted at the time of order confirmation.
Can I continue with flower therapy and Reiki? There is no contraindication. In fact, Shamballa is a complementary therapeutic technique that can be associated with any therapies, including other complementary therapies. It increases the energy flow, allowing the person to have more energy available to be mobilized when needed. For this reason and also by increasing the capacities of the heart, in connection with the Higher Self, Shamballa enhances and improves the quality of other treatments that the person comes to receive.


Feedback from participants

"Guauuu... such a boost of energy! " Maira Khanan

"This was absolutely the best experience in my life." Michael Simon

“I’ve been here 3 times already and definitely intend on coming back. It is one of my favorite therapies. It has a beautiful atmosphere. I highly recommend this place! ”  Sara Specimeno

“Awesome therapy and service- the music was so relaxing and the tea at the end was a nice treat! I would come back again!!.” Daniel Balbino

“I have already tried many different places with the same practice, but St*Art is my favorite. She has incredibly good energy,  is just amazing here. I also tried art therapy and the vibrations are really pleasure for body and soul.”   Anna Fiore