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Welcome! I'm Lorena, I'm the founder of Mindfulness Creative ST*ART, I'm passionate about sharing simple, fun and inspiring mindful art activities to enhance self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-expression.

I have my degree in Graphic Designer, Fine Arts and has combined years of Art-Therapy and mindfulness teaching experience.

I'm certified as Positive Psychology Coaching and Emotional Coaching and as a Transpersonal Mindfulness teacher for adults, kids and teenagers.

I'm certified practitioner and guide of New Paradigm MDT ™ & Shamballa , it is with joy that I welcome you to my wellness bubble for consciousness energy sessions, with the idea of harmonizing mind, body and spirit. 

Most of all, I'm an artist and a creative who's wrestled with my inner critic and I'm excited to help you reignite your creative spark!





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